Meet the Team!

Here are the people behind the cameras & behind the screens capturing your every moment!

Our team is filled with energetic, bubbly and positive members ready to serve you and make any event special. We are ready to do whatever it takes to squeeze you in our schedule, get that perfect shot or to accommodate any special requests.

Lexine - Main photographer

Heyo! It's your main girl and always covered in yellow, Lexine. I am here to make sure that your process with our team runs smoothly. I would trust my life with anyone in my team. We all have the same values : have FUN, enjoy life & capture all the memories!!!!

Étienne - main videographer & associate photographer

Étienne is a naturally talented videographer & photographer. His passion started with photos and videos of specialty cars and has now evolved into weddings, commercial work and hockey photos.

Shaina - Associate Photographer

Shaina is bubbly, sweet and always ready to help! She has the eye for detail and is amazing with kids (having two of her own!). You will feel comfortable in front of Shaina's lens within moments!

Sophie - Associate Photographer

Sophie est bilingue.

Sophie is creative, ready for any challenge and always up to have fun. She will make you laugh and forget that you are in front of the camera! Sophie loves to capture love between two people, so you will see her often at weddings.

Melissa - Associate Photographer

Melissa est bilingue.

Melissa is the type of photographer that will make you smile and enjoy the process. With her calm approach and positive attitude, you are sure to love being in front of her camera.

Lauren - Editor & associate photographer

Lauren est bilingue.

You'll love Lauren's happy-go-lucky attitude, and her contagious laugh will make you smile easily. Lauren recently graduated from Algonquin College in the Photography program. Lauren is either behind the computer editing your images or capturing special moments!

Sarah - Pro-helper & sidekick

Sarah is literally sunshine in a bottle! She is our pro-helper during weddings - there to hold your glass of wine, fix your hair or fix your dress. She will also be there to make jokes so that you genuinely laugh in your photos. Sarah knows how to make anyone comfortable and will instantly become your bestie!

Tristan - Manager Superstar

*Coming soon! Tristan is joining our team as of October 24.

BRIANNA - Editor & Associate Photographer

Brianna is one of our newest additions to the team! She brings her love of photo editing and wedding photography to the table. She is one of the associate photographers and is looking forward to meeting happy couples on their special day! In her spare time, you can find Brianna showcasing at a craft market or snuggling her cat, Toby.