Salut, c'est moi - Lexine!

I am a small town French girl (tsé une fille d'Embrun, Ontario!) turned photographer by accident in my last year of high school - and I love what I do.

My job is to make you forget that photos used to be a chore and make you love the idea of having a big camera all up in your face.

I'm here to make the photo process easy - whether it's for your wedding day, your family photos, your first photos as a family with your newborn baby or just silly photos of yourself celebrating everything that life offers.

Why did you become a photographer?

Uh... why not? Honestly, and strangely enough, it simply happened. I always had a camera around my neck, a reason to take photos and a sudden desperate need to be a badass wedding photographer when I was 17. I craved it more than anything, so I went for it. Turned out pretty good so far! I shoot about 50+ weddings and over 200 families a year. The extrovert in me does its happy dance every time I get to meet hundreds of different people every month. This career never gets boring.

What makes you different?

I lick my chips before I eat them.

HA - no but seriously : I jumped in photography because my goal was to be there for whoever I was capturing.....Like, REALLY be there for them. I didn't want to just be a photographer when it came to weddings : I wanted to be the photographer that made everyone laugh when it was stressful, the one who can do up your bustle when everyone's confused on how it works and the one you can be 100% comfortable telling her you don't like a specific pose.

I want to KNOW you when I leave your reception. I want to understand the love within your family when I finish your shoot. I want to live it all with you, genuinely. As cheesy as it sounds, I really thrive on the relationships I build with people I take pictures of, and it's the main reason why I love doing what I do. My clients become my community, and my community is insanely important to me (which is why I try to be as involved as possible, by sponsoring local charity events & sports team... including those I play in, apparently.)

It's never about the art for me, it's always about you first.

Do you only offer weddings & family photos?

Nope! I'm open to all types of photography you may need : events, corporate parties, headshots, products, etc.

I just saw that after shooting 200 weddings in 4 years, weddings were my JAM. You know when you have a GOOD day at work? You come home and you're like invincible, every song that you hear is totally on point and you have this INSANE amount of energy in your body?! Yep. That's me after a wedding or after photographing a family. EVERY. DARN. TIME. So I kind of figured that's what I loved the most and focused on getting more of those in my day-to-day.

Clearly, you wanted to know cheesy facts about me, so that's why you came to this page.

things I love :

Iced Capps from Tim Hortons.

My cat Sandale.

Kyrillos (my fiancé).

The random fact that I was on The Ellen Show.

Harry Styles.

I was legit in the audience at the Ellen Degeneres Shows in March 2019, and got picked as Dancer of the Day!

Of course I have a million professional photos of my lil family.


5 out of 5. lexine is a true gem. we have done family, newborn, engagement and now wedding shoot with lexine. she is a beautiful person inside and out. always open to any silly ideas we might have. she makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and you can tell she really loves what she does. she will do anything to make sure she gets the shots you want. she'll always show up with a big smile on! shes the best of the best. thanks again lexine for everything you have done for us

Mel & Eric