You're interested in booking lexine (aka moi!) as your wedding photographer?! yay!

This is about to get exciting.

Whether you're still making your decision or 100% sure that you want this silly girl to be THE photographer for you... this is exciting! I am here to share as to WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT when you decide that Lexine Photographie will be the Ottawa Wedding Photographer of your dreams! Make sure you contact me ASAP so I can confirm my availability or even put dibs on your date while you make your final decision : I wouldn't want to miss out being there for you.

so, you only take the photos, right?

No, not at all. When you pick me to be your wedding photographer, as cheesy as it sounds, it's a FREAKING huge deal to me. You're like passing on this huge responsibility that I'll put on my shoulders until the very day you receive the final photos on your online gallery. I have to make your 'photo' life the BEST DARN THING IN THE WORLD.

My ONLY goal is that when you think back to your wedding photography experience, you'll think... "Damn, that was good".

We've all heard the horror stories when it comes to wedding photography; I've seen them, heard them and even tried to fix some. Part of my goal is to reassure you that THIS GIRL( this 5"3 blonde girl that wears too much yellow) will give it her all to make sure that you come out of this experience BRAGGING about your photography experience.

"Like my photographer, was like the best" could be your quote in the next year or two.

So what's so special about you?

My perspective and how I do things is what makes me different.

I will ALWAYS put you first. No matter what. COVID-19 situation or not.

This means I put myself in your shoes. I want to give you an experience that I would LOVE to get. Personally speaking, all I want to get when 'booking a service' is that the other person CARES about me. I never want to be 'just another client', even if I am one. I want to know they give a poop.

Well, I gave myself the motto to care WAY too much. Yes, I give shit about you. A LOT.

I will make this easy.

Need ideas? I gotcha.

Can't find a location? I'm on it.

Have no clue where to start to make your wedding itinerary? Let's jump on a call.

Stressed about something at 1 AM? Text me.

Even if it's not wedding related? Heck yea.

Need referrals for other services in the wedding world? I'll send you my list.

Want free tickets to the upcoming Wedding Shows to have fun? I'll hook you up!

I want to be THAT someone during your wedding planning process that you can rely on no matter what. I want you to be able to trust me and let me be part of your day : whether you just want me to do my job or if you want me to be a bridesmaid 2.0.

I'm not afraid to get silly.

A wedding day is MEANT to be fun. Well, I like fun and I consider myself fun and my bad jokes are fun.

If I see that you're having a bad day, or you're stressed about something - I'll be there to be silly for you. Seriously.

I want to be this POSITIVE, insane source of ENERGY for you every step of the way, just because.

We all need that person and I'm going to be that person for you.

So, what does that all mean?

i will make your schedule with you.

I will be there for you.

i will absorb all the details about you and the style that you love, to make the photos 100% *you*.

i will fluff your dress, fix your suit, tell you when you're forcing your smile.

I will tell you that you look fabulous 100 times in a day.

i will be your personal cheerleader.

and i will take pretty pictures, too.

xoxo gossip girl

(now here's another photo of me being really happy

while the camera destroys my wrist for the rest of my life)

Thanks for reading this and I hope to chat you up soon!!!! :) - Lexine