in the photo above, michayla & justin are clearly thinking...

"but lexine, we're already models."

well, this is a blog for those

who don't feel "comfy"

in front of the camera.

(unlike charles-antoine here)

so how do you become like....that?

confident. stress-free. candid.


I'm here to tell you all of this fun stuff.

step 1 : trust.

If jessie can trust alessandro to not drop her,

you can trust your photographer.

you hired this girl to photograph you.

Clearly, she knows what she's doing.

it's my job to help you feel awesome.

And that's what I'm going to try my best to do!

You will never feel as if YOU need to figure out where to go, how to place yourselves and when to smile.

That's MY job! I'm here for all of this!

I will tell you to tuck your hair when it's too much in your face. I will tell you to take off your hair elastic off your wrist. I will tell you to get your phone and keys out of your pockets. I will make you chin up or chin down to make you look your very best. I will tell you to turn juuuuuuuust a little bit to make your booty pop. It's my job to make you look the best you can be and you can TRUST me with it!

step 2 : don't worry about it.

You got this. Don't overthink it!

Try to arrive at the photo shoot with the perspective that this will be the BEST thing ever. Don't even think for one second that something could go "wrong" or that it wouldn't be "perfect". That's why you hired a professional!

Be excited to get photos taken; they're an awesome way of documenting your life.

The best thing you can be in photos is YOURSELF. You'll love yourself in them even more, trust me!

Step 3 : have fun.

life is meant to have fun.

So, taking pictures should be too!!

Most of us have this preconceived idea that photos are stiff, mandatory and overall not very exciting.

I'm here to change that.

We'll try silly ideas, jump around if we have to, bump into each other and I promise I'll make the worst jokes you've ever heard. At the end, you'll forget that this is a photo shoot.

but lexine, what do I wear?

It's so important that you wear something that you *love*.

Sometimes that Pinterest outfit might be cute, but it might not be YOU. Make sure you try on your outfit before your photo session and see how you feel in it. If you feel EXTRA cute, then it's perfect and ready to go. As long as you love yourself it in, you'll definitely love seeing photos of yourself too.

As for tips to decide what to wear? I'll be releasing a blog soon to help you out, but beware, I ain't no stylist!

But what if I found an idea online for a photo... can i show you?

of course!

i want you to be open with me.

I love to hear new ideas and be inspired. It's NEVER a bad idea to share with me the types and ideas of photos that you would love during your session : I strongly encourage that you communicate with me your "dream" photo shoot so I can make it become true, as cheesy as it sounds.

I also strongly believe that even though I have a particular photography style, you might LOVE certain things more than others! I've had sessions where couples did not want to kiss, because they don't like PDA, and that's totally OK. I've had family that preferred being cuddled up as most as they can during their photos, and that's awesome.

I want you to look back on any session with me and think : that was exactly what I wanted.... and more!

photos are fun

& I'm here to make it easy peasy.

Got more questions? e-mail me!